– Session Rules

All skaters shall abide by these rules and policies. The ice monitor shall strictly enforce them during all club sessions. Violations by skaters will lead to loss of club ice privileges.

Upon Arrival

  • All skaters must sign in at the front table with the Club Session Monitor

Right of way order priority

  • Freeskating lesson with music
  • Dance lesson with music
  • Moves in the field

All Rules

  • A skater wearing a green belt is on lesson and has right of way, therefore the skater should be able to skate freely without any other skater or professional getting in the way.
  • All spins should be practiced in the middle of the ice, between the two blue lines.
  • All jumps should be practiced on the sides or ends of the ice.
  • Attention should be paid to skaters practicing Moves in the Field or Ice Dance Patterns.
  • Everyone on the ice should be fully aware of other skaters. If a skater is not skating, they must stand along the boards.
  • No one is permitted in the hockey box area except judges, or professionals and their skaters.
  • No parents or siblings may stand at the ice edge doorway.
  • Skaters must always be courteous to other skaters, coaches, and parents.
  • Fooling around on the ice or standing around idly is not permitted.
  • Crossover lessons between sessions are permitted.
  • If a session is full, SCML members have priority to remain on the ice. Non SCML members must exit the ice until a vacancy occurs.